We once more examine the closed-loop system. These tables contain lists of function f t and their corresponding Laplace transform L f t. But what do we do if there is a pole pk with order greater than 1? Once more we plot the frequency reponse properties of G s: So actually, the pole closest to the origin is the only pole we should focus on. They are governed by rules.

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Once we have gone through all of wb2104-p rules, we should be able to draw a more or less accurate graph.

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However, there are a few rules you can wb2104-p to wb2104-p things. So a system merely takes an input and gives an output, according to wb2104-p specified way. In this case the effects due to initial conditions eventually fade out. F s is then not defined. Multivariable systems have multiple inputs wb2104-p t or multiple outputs yi t or both. If the wb2104-p diverges, then it is unstable. By the way, the corresponding value of the gain K is called the resonant peak value Mr.


There is, however, a slight problem. wb2104-p

Well, we can simply use the characteristic equation for this. If you have attended the vibrations course, both wb2104-p will wb2104-p very familiar to you. The matrices A, B, C and D have names too. Reply with details and loca. Wb2104-p July 23,from http: We then wb2104-p a complex equation. To find that, we first examine Y s. However, the amplitude is not the same.

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So actually, the pole closest to the origin is the only pole we should focus on. There are several wb2104-p to do this. From this, you can solve for K quite easily. This system has r inputs u1 t. We will find out how in this part. Summary – lecturesummary wb2104-p entire course weekly tutorial worksheets wb2104-p lecture notes. Petter Diesel Set, wb2104-p.

So we also examine wb2104-p arguments. This all seems rather difficult. This happens during a so-called process. This means that the gain Bode wb2104-p of F s is simply a straight line.


The result can be seen wb2104-p figure 4. But what state variables should we define?

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So in the following plan of approach, we wb2104-p mention most wb2104-p these rules. Well, something very important! However, inserting the other solutions results in a complex K. We have got some nice info on the shape of our root-locus diagram already.

We can also deduce w2b104-p else from this criterion. We can even simplify the above equation a bit.

wb2104-p So how do we know which s satisfy it?