This site uses cookies to analyze traffic, personalize your experience and serve ads. Now we are trying to change parameters like print processor on “advanced” tab from printer driver to see if something happen. As the settings are exactly the same as at Computer configuration I will describe the settings based on the Computer Configuration. So, we needed to change the setting to Specify RD Session Host server fallback printer driver behavior. The first setting is not really related to Easy Print, but is an important one.

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Part 2 of Easy Print. Lorenz Meyer 2 5 Below are screenshots that show an example of the above behavior. When redirecting termknal jobs, on the server, we create an XPS file using the preferences the user has selected, send the XPS file to the client, and, with the help of other printing components, print the job on the appropriate printer. In this case, the printer only outputs a blank page. There terminal services easy print two ways to do this:.

We also tried to use the “Generic text-only” driver, but the result is same. Graphic based print jobs however print fine using Easy Print.

We are using “Easy Print” feature which allows programs running on server to “see” terminal services easy print installed on client machines. On the TS server, Longhorn Server needs to be installed. This site uses cookies to analyze traffic, personalize your experience and serve ads.

How to configure Microsoft RDS Universal Printing

The Easy Print functionality is only for the Client Printer Direction category, network printers cannot use this functionality. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. Post as a guest Name.

The second piece is the ability to send a print job from the server to the client and reliably print the job. But now, we only get a blank page!

terminal services easy print By enabling this policy the Client Printers will be redirected, but will not be set as the default printers. As a result, the user sees the same detailed printer-specific UI and all printer options are available to terminal services easy print. What is needed to use TS Easy Print: Join Our Newsletter Learn about the latest security threats, system optimization tricks, and the hottest new technologies in the industry.

Although, native drivers are not bad at all, I have seen on a regular basis that printing from specific applications or specific functions in ferminal did not function correctly. I find Easy Print very slow generates huge files and non-compatible with host-based printers.

Printing via SPOOLER-DIRECT does not work with Terminal Services Easy Print

The main advantages of XPS format: This could lead to having hundreds of printer drivers on one server, which was not optimal for stability of the RDS server. There are ways printers can be connected within an RDS session. Now we are trying to change parameters like print processor on “advanced” tab from printer driver to see if something happen.

If for any reason the Terminal Services Eazy Print terminal services easy print cannot be used, the client terminal services easy print will not be available for the Terminal Services session.

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TS Easy Print technology was first introduced in Windows Server as an alternative to the use of traditional printing subsystem on Remote Desktop servers.

Thus, by using the Easy Print greatly simplified configuration of Remote Desktop servers. The original link has terminal services easy print I did not see a case that the driver could not be used.

Sign up using Facebook. The problem appears to be on Easy Print driver, but we found almost no resources about it.

When the user edits preferences for a print job on a redirected printer, the TS client will launch this UI from the local machine terminal services easy print top of the remote session. The easy print feature is a Microsoft solution for limiting the amount of drivers used by printers that are mapped via the client printer redirection option. XPS has the advantage of being a document format that encapsulates printing preferences srevices document data.

Eaey this article I will start with explaining the printer connection possibilities, followed by describing which configuration options are available, what happens when a specific setting is configured and what Microsoft could do to improve this feature.