The auto-focus worked well and with a centered subject or a subject that filled most of the screen, it performed just fine. We found that the NZU defaulted to recording bit, 32kHz audio. Fear not, though, the menus were quite easy to navigate. How did you manage to connect a Firewire cable to a USB port? As with many other consumer camcorders, an automatic combination of iris aperture and shutter speed controlled the exposure. Independent manual control of these variables was not possible.

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It will give the best picture and sound quality and will make capture and editing much easier. The manual focus responded rather slowly, though. In general, the zoom worked smoothly, at variable speeds, depending on how far we slid sharp vl nz100 control.

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The exception is the Still-Shot button, which was easily triggered with the right index finger. The large flat connector on the end of a Firewire cable sharp vl nz100 go into a USB port.

The 3-inch color viewscreen was quite sharp vl nz100, even in bright sunlight. A manual white balance feature is provided, but we found that the auto white balance worked surprisingly well. It’s a haven for button-phobes, but its thorough, easy-to-navigate menus will satisfy those wanting some control. We shot into a hedge in late afternoon sunlight to see the shaep, sharp vl nz100, green leaves against the dark branches inside. Results 1 to 4 of 4.

It doesn’t leave intermediate users behind, either. Overall, though, the positioning of the mike was good. It seemed apparent that Sharp assumes most users of this camcorder will shoot without the use of a tripod. I’ve used sony sharp vl nz100 and windows movie maker to test if it could recognize my camera but no luck: Unfortunately, since sharp vl nz100 mike is right above the lens, noise from the zoom motor was clearly audible on the tape.

Indeed, this camcorder would be difficult to distinguish from the NZ10U we reviewed in March if it wasn’t for the extra “0” in the model name.

I think it has something to do with getting it from the tape. The cam also did a fine job of picking out the fine details. It’s designed to be held with both hands, with your thumbs performing all of the video control functions. The unit had an exposure control, though it was unclear what its sharp vl nz100 referred to.

And I have about 80gb of sharp vl nz100 left.

sharp vl nz100 We really liked the built-in shooting guides, especially useful for beginners although even experts could benefit from a reminder about the fundamentals. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The quality was passable below 30x. The NZU had a good sharp vl nz100 of contrast. But for beginners or casual shooters, the NZU could be just what the doctor ordered. Following the recent trend in sgarp camcorders, the tape transport is the largest part sharp vl nz100 the whole camcorder.

Switch off any anti virus software, screensavers and scheduled tasks so there are no interuptions when doing your capture, you can enable these items again after capture is done.

While we were shaky, the camera tried hard to get a stable shot. This could help you cultivate solid composition habits. Sharp vl nz100 especially liked the built-in Rule of Thirds shooting guide. I guess I have a USB cord then. Button presses were also apparent on the sound track.

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The auto-focus worked well and with a sharp vl nz100 subject or a subject that filled most of the screen, it performed just fine. It worked best when we zoomed all the way out, but it didn’t do much at full optical telephoto.

How did you manage to connect a Firewire cable to a USB sharp vl nz100