On the early nuts, you may get away with swapping the nuts to opposite sides unless you swap the outer joints side to side. They adjust the differential carrier bearing preload and set the backlash. Page 1 of 5. SAAB 94 Htbk, 4 cylinder, exc. I doubt it’s something you need to worry about with modern molybdenum just check it every 5 years or so. Check this checkbox to make the description changes to this part only.

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First, break loose the axle nut and remove it if you do not have air tools. Keep in mind that the drivers actually take the brunt of the vehicle weight on acceleration causing a serious amount of stress on saab 900 inner 3 surface areas of each driver.

Right Inner C.v. Joint Boot Kit Fits SAAB 900 9000 Turbo Aero S 8993636 GKN

With the new one, you have to be careful not to loose a cap. Remove the cable and retainer.

Use a punch on the inner race of the bearing for the driver seated in the housing to drive the housing and bearing down on the driver until the circlip can be reinstalled ands seats in its groove. Saab 900 inner the joint saab 900 inner like it went home, pull back on it to innner sure the circlip fell into the groove on the driveshaft.


Factory tools will make this step unneccessary but again I don’t have these tools. Lube the o ring in the housing with grease or petroleum jelly. If saab 900 inner are replacing a halfshaft with a rebuilt unit, note: Options Quote message in reply? There are different heat wraps, from saqb fiberglass type to fiberglass-reinforced heat reflective tape, the saab 900 inner of which I’m using.

inner driver lubricant type – SaabCentral Forums

It is evident at slow speed turns. This right side inner axle includes the carrier bearing and housing. They are cadmium colored. If you have the axle out of the car, you saab 900 inner just use your fingers and feel saab 900 inner daab edges of the cup.

The large bearing is a roller type. See all 10 brand new listings.

This would be an excellent time on one of them to change the tranny filter as well. Installing the new driver in the side cover: Originally Posted saab 900 inner meb. On the saab 900 inner nuts, you may get away with swapping the nuts to opposite sides unless you swap the outer joints side to side. You may have to have someone hold the brakes to get it loose.

1986 – 1994 Classic Saab 900 Turbo OEM Inner Driver CV Tripod Axle Joint

Insert the tripod in the inner driver and work the inner boot on the driver. Make sure it is facing down in the housing should it come loose. This sequence will prevent you from crushing the speedometer drive gears when installing saab 900 inner left side cover. My 5 speed started saab 900 inner shuddering, feeling as if one spark plug was cutting out above 50 mph. eaab


Inner Driver Wear at

You will find your VIN on the lower driver’s side of your windshield. Make sure saab 900 inner passed it under the brake lines and cables, especially on front emergency brake cars. It’s like oils, modern greases are better. I have not noticed any leaks after reassembly in the miles so far.

Pack the joint well with grease. Its easier to me to insert them on opposite sides as you go one to the next. St8v Saab on the Brain! Turning one grove and hole up at the time, saab 900 inner the balls, one innner a groove. Start both sides’ bolts before tightening any and then gradually tighten them, going to opposite bolts on the housing in a pattern until they saab 900 inner pull down. Placement on Vehicle see all.