If anyone having experience with those New Focus Ethernet picomotor controller could help it would be great: These mounts provide the stability and precision of our standard optical mounts with the resolution of our Picomotor actuators to provide the ultimate in precision motorized optical alignment. Simply reversing the order of the fast and slow signals reverses the direction of rotation. With load capacity of 5 lbs 22 N , our Picomotor actuators have a substantial push force while still fitting in a compact package. The compact Picomotor actuator housing adds only 0. Sapphire seats and optimized spring location and force provides for smooth, reliable motorized adjustment while maintaining a high level of thermal and mechanical stability.

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USB and Ethernet Connectivity. The only way to reach a sinusoidal motion profile of 30 to 70 Hz with this type picomotog communication is running the complete trajectory generation and interpolation onboard.

I’m facing exactly the same problem as qolabbas. Copyright cAlex Stange All rights reserved. This controller also features an embedded HTTP server which new focus picomotor a dynamic web page to accept command line input and show immediate response.

How the Picomotor Design Works.

You can feel confident that your mount will stay put, even when you power down your system. Our Picomotor actuators allow for an angular resolution of 0. Picomotor actuators rely on the basic difference between dynamic and static friction. Simply reversing the order of the pkcomotor and slow signals reverses new focus picomotor direction of rotation.


The standard sized mounting options, 0.

Picomotor New focus picomotor Corner Mount, 1. These focud provide the stability and precision of our standard optical mounts with the resolution of our Picomotor actuators to provide the ultimate in precision motorized optical alignment. I am beginner in Labview, so i am facing with so many difficulties. Easy-to-Use, Flexible Picomotor Controllers.

Motion Control and Motor Drives. You can daisy-chain up to 31 drivers together with four channels each, so you can have a network of up to standard Picomotor actuators. Your cart is empty. If you have planned to generate the motion profile in LabVIEW and send setpoint commands to the drive this will probably not work. What is the difference between an open-loop and closed-loop Picomotors? You can feel confident that your set-up will stay put, new focus picomotor when you power down your system.

A slow electrical signal applied to the piezo slowly changes the new focus picomotor, causing the two jaws to slide in opposite directions. The Picomotor actuator offers the additional advantage of using the integrated knobs for quick, manual adjustment of all axes.

Message 2 of 6. Our Picomotor actuator uses the same principle with a threaded jaw, similar new focus picomotor two halves of a split nut, clamped around a precision pitch screw. I can communicate well with the device through the RS, but I would prefer using the ethernet for practical purposes. Comments and Ratings 0. ClearEdge Picomotor Mounts Kit.


New Focus Picomotor example – File Exchange – MATLAB Central

Just mount the ClearEdge, plug it new focus picomotor the driver and you’re ready to go. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: Vacuum Compatible Motorized Positioners.

If you new focus picomotor the multi-axis kinematic stages, you need two adaptor cables to connect to the driver s. Our Open-Loop Picomotor controllers and drivers are modular.

Picomotor™ Piezo Mirror Mounts

Our driver can connect to the computer via Ethernet or USB. Your cart is empty.

New focus picomotor Piezo Center Mount, 1. An example of this is the magician’s “tablecloth trick,” in which a quick pull low dynamic friction of the cloth leaves the dishes on the table, while a slow pull high static friction would pull the dishes off the table and cause a big mess!