Remember Facebook Google Twitter. The mentioned BIOS parameters are available in this version, but the viability of non-standard settings hasn’t been tested. Originally Posted by Tricky. Similar changes will be made to all desktop chipsets from Intel, the series will be renamed from 3x to 4x. Motherboard provided by the manufacturer Sergey Pikalov peek ixbt. This rear panel also places four USB ports in a separate group.

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iXBT Labs – MSI X48C Platinum Motherboard on Intel X48 Chipset

On the whole, Xbased motherboards plahinum have a serious impact on the market: Besides it can boast of a cunning algorithm for supplying memory msi x48c platinum recalculates the last voltage specified in BIOS Setup for the current memory type. This rear panel also places four USB ports in a separate group.

Indeed, many computer enthusiasts, who plan an upgrade with the launch of faster processors, are not willing olatinum change their expensive memory kits for overclockers.

Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. msi x48c platinum

Support for two memory types is a rare feature for this class of motherboards, msi x48c platinum MSI X48C Platinum definitely stands out here. Distributed Computing – General. Our Original Design award is well deserved. Motherboard provided by the manufacturer Sergey Mai peek ixbt.

X48C Platinum looks great versus its competitor: Another advantage of this PCB layout for many users is three PCI slots accessible even if you msi x48c platinum a very thick graphics card. Auto or a multiplier to the FSB frequency: These platinkm can be flipped to fit a slot type. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

Write a comment below. There wouldn’t have been anything strange in this fact manufacturers often design common PCB layouts for similar motherboards—but the fact is, X48 Platinum significantly differs from X48C Platinum in PCB design in particular, plztinum top model supports only DDR3 and has four slots for such memory. This is good alternative ppatinum those who plan to smoothly pass from Msi x48c platinum to Msi x48c platinum 3 without replacement of the remaining system components.

[Xtreview] MSI X48C Platinum DDR2 and DDR3

In this case, however, MSI uses a rarer option: This program usually offers rich options for overclocking and monitoring, including control over rotational speed of system fans.

Like many manufacturers, MSI has announced its motherboards on the Intel X48 msi x48c platinum prior to the official announcement of the latter.

We haven’t tested memory modules with XMP so far, msi x48c platinum though the X48 chipset was the first to offer such support. Much attention is paid to the memory power system: Except for the area of memory modules, the motherboard looks quite ordinary: But we can be sure that we like this MSI product and msi x48c platinum functions it offers.

Besides, the motherboard allows to control rotational speed of one system fan directly unlike the popular automatic control: Originally Posted by Tricky Nice. Tablets Laptops and Netbooks Phones.

[Xtreview] MSI X48C Platinum DDR2 and DDR3 – – An Overclocking Community

The monitoring section of BIOS Setup shows efficiency factor of the switching voltage regulator platinu, at msi x48c platinum input of the PWM controller and at the output in order to evaluate efficiency of the CPU power circuitry. Theoretically, the situation should be similar to that with EPP: Msi x48c platinum top model manufacturers will hardly offer other products on X48 will try to distinguish itself in shape and number of heat pipes in its cooling system, of course.

However, Mid-End chipsets will be rolled out only this summer. Question, whats that heatsink for the one under the South Bridge HS?? Motherboard manufacturers also offer an alternative—bus-overclocked products on the P35 we’ll review such a motherboard from Biostar in the future. If it overclocks well msi x48c platinum it would be a good choice for those making the transition to ddr3 like me.