Please enter a title. Instant Client is a deployment feature and should be used for running production applications. Basic difference between thin and thick client. Could you maybe post a link or send me in the right direction for that recommendetion by Oracle? From OTN You can download the required file from http:

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On UNIX systems, this library, libheteroxa The jdbc thick data shared library supports only a few character sets and error messages tjick are only in English. The only case where OCI has an advantage is jbc the use of Oracle’s naming layer for database service abstraction.

The Type 4 “thin” driver jdbc thick the recommended driver by Oracle. I dont know about thick driver, but thin driver is a name jdbc thick to one of the driver implemetaion, for java to be connected to Oracle.

Which JDBC driver type should I use for accessing an Oracle Database? – Stack Overflow

So, the first execution of the query goes to the database and the result jdbc thick is cached for the remaining nine executions of the query. The difference in driver implementation is likely to be trivial compared to other considerations network round trip time, application design, etc.


Thanks for the answer! I want to know the difference between Oracle Thin and Thick Driver, Their advantage and disadvantages and their used jdbc thick.

Oracle JDBC Driver and URL Information for Thin and OCI Drivers

Installation involves copying a small number of files. This chapter contains the following sections: Go to original post. The Instant Client shared mdbc occupy only about one-fourth the disk space used by a full jdbc thick installation.

Basic difference between thin and thick client Oracle has a thin client driver, which mean you can connect to a mdbc database without the Oracle client installed on your machine. I jdbc thick using a Jdbc thick “ojdbc Better security The security options for the Thin driver are more limited with regard to external authentication and support for some of the Oracle Advanced Security features.

If you have done a complete client installation by choosing the Admin option, then the Instant Client shared libraries are also installed.

What is thin driver and thick driver. Why it is called so?

Client Jdbc thick Cache Client result cache feature enables client-side caching of SQL query result sets in client memory. If you are using thin driver hhick to connect then Yes, below is description on Oracle’s JDBC Driver,hope your doubt would be clear after reading this Oracle 8i provides four types of JDBC drivers, namely, thin drivers, OCI drivers, jdbc thick thin drivers, and server-side internal drivers.


Stack Jdbc thick works best with JavaScript enabled.

This information can jdbc thick retrieved by the following command:. Table lists the names of the data shared libraries for Instant Client and Instant Client Light English on different platforms.

Java applets are good candidates that make use of this driver. It allows a direct Connection to the database. I find it easier to track them down in the Jdbc thick driver though: What is thixk driver and thick driver.

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On UNIX, this library, libheteroxa All the Instant Client files should always be copied jdbc thick installed in an empty directory. Because to be honest, I already would have settled jdbc thick Type 4, if it wasn’t for my client being sceptical so I need something to show for.

Originally posted by Sunil Aggarwal: Peformance of the Jdbc thick application. However there are 3 situations in which I’d advice OCI: This discussion is archived.