Provide a reason for quarantining this blog entry optional: For standalone binds, maxLen should use the same value as curLen. Also, since the user session is not closed on the server-side once the OraclePooledConnection object is returned to the pool of available connection objects, every new call to the getConnection method of the OracleConnectionCacheImpl class requires that the user remain the same. This argument specifies the maximum table length of the index-by table bind value to be returned. Multiple pools can correspond to multiple application servers, or pools to different data sources. This is to ensure that no incompatible binaries exist in the installation. The lightweight data shared library supports only a few character sets and error messages that are only in English.

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If the ocu timezlrg. Previous Entry Main Next Entry. It is then necessary to authenticate as:. And the extra clarifications can probably be java oci to your answer later on. The value is of type java.

Features Specific to JDBC OCI

This is so that Instant Client Light is not enabled by default. Also, it will be great javz you could provide some java oci to such performance comparisons regarding Oracle Drivers.

However, if the variable is set, then it does not have an impact on the operation of the OCI java oci. Sounds good to me: The schema which this proxy session has access to is schema java oci ” jeff ” plus what is indicated in the list of roles. Interestingly the same configuration when tested in my local environment worked all good like an angel.


That is, if you pci multiple directories java oci Instant Client libraries, then only one such directory should be specified in the lci path environment variable. The Oracle Thin driver requires no software other than the driver jar file.

The table also specifies the size of each data shared library in parentheses following the library file name. For example, the element values of an index-by table of numeric elements are mapped to the oracle. In particular, the connect string can be specified in the following formats:. In addition, it describes how to access the OUT bind values in various java oci styles. In Instant Client Light, language can only be Americanterritory can be any that is supported, and characterset can be any one of the following: This argument specifies the index-by java oci element java oci based on the values defined in the OracleTypes class.

The number of required files and the total disk storage java oci the Oracle client-side are significantly reduced. Only one set of Oracle libraries should be specified in the library path environment variable.


How to Connect to Oracle via JDBC

Note that the location of java oci regenerated Data Shared Library, libociei. Oracle Thin Driver Vs. For standalone binds, maxLen should use the same value as curLen. The return value is an oracle.

Set this to “false” if you want to avoid many calls to Java oci. LordOfThePigs Yes you can use tnsnames. Each thread could maintain a session to the database. In this way, OCI applications can use client memory to take advantage of the client result cache to improve response times of repetitive queries. Ben Flaumenhaft Posted on: You will see the performance gain. java oci

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The application also java oci some control of failover. Instant Client is a deployment ocu and mava be used for running production applications. Provide a reason for quarantining this blog entry optional: I have heard that Thin drivers have problems when java oci are used in a clustered application server environment with multi-threaded programs using database connections.

The callback is called during the failover to notify the JDBC application of events generated. Tofiq 5 12