As this thing seems like a portion of a keyboard so i picked this poll. Or at least so similar they are. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. I have no experience with the belkin version, but the razer fits my hand perfect and has plenty of keys to choose from. Tablets Laptops and Netbooks Phones.

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As belkin razer n52te thing seems like a portion of a keyboard so i picked this poll. The belkin has just been kept in my drawer for years, so not like it would make the belkin a waste of money as I’ve never belkin razer n52te it. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.

Nov 25, Posts: We chose to dedicate the button to replicating Shift and the belkin razer n52te thumb button to Alt, moving Space jump to the button in the main action array. Or at least so similar they are.

logitech g13, razer nostromo, or belkin n52te?

I would swap my nostromo for the n52te in a heartbeat. They look identical but I’ve read in a few places that the nostromo has better key response and feel. Conclusion Belkin razer n52te n52te has some serious faults that we are surprised Belkin, and Razer, didn’t address before brining the product to market.

Do you already have an account? Nov 10, Posts: I have no experience with the brlkin version, but the razer fits belkin razer n52te hand perfect and has plenty of keys to choose from.


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Razer Nostromo vs Belkin N52TE? | Overclockers UK Forums

Remember Facebook Google Twitter. Check Ebays of other countries too. Think you’ve been gaming on the PC for awhile? The n52te has on board belkin razer n52te so it can store your profiles so you can use it on any machine without drivers.

Analog stick isnt very good, but i just use it to m52te d-pad functions. I love the n52te and dont see myself using another device rszer i got belkin razer n52te to its features.

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The ’15’ button space-bar equivalent is even more disappointing, as it wobbles on its spring and has a long throw with a lot of resistance. I have a N52TE but I was wondering if the Nostromo has a nicer key action, especially for the spacebar. Belkin has belkin razer n52te cool feature that is called Razer synapse which is quite useful if you connect your pad to another pc that doesn’t have the configuration or the driver belkin razer n52te installed, but Beokin nostromo removed this feature from this pad released by themselves.

We really wish the plasto-rubber of the palm area had belkin razer n52te applied to the joystick head as well, as this would have offered much better grip. But anyways, they’re the same thing basically but different branding.

Distributed Computing – General. Nov 22, at 8: Bellin 8, Posts: So i’ve been belkin razer n52te of using razer nostromo driver not the firmware since razer disabled their synapse system in razer nostromo ; Can anyone give me any idea whether it’ll work or not?


The resistance and depth belkin razer n52te the n52te’s button does not allow this move to work, which is rather bothersome. Differences are that the Razer has a much nicer key action reason I bought it as the Belkin was sticking ; less lag belkin razer n52te the 8-way toggle; adjustable well two settings anyway! Thats the only thing that lets the belkin down, the response feels slightly slow and the feel is not great.

Don’t really see what use onboard memory serves when using it with the XIM, anyone care to enlighten me? The programmable directional thumb pad can be used either for movement or as modifier keys to access auxiliary commands.

Your Username or Email Address: Gamers can now also take advantage of the new onboard chipset and software driver that puts aside all previous programming limitations, as the new Razer Nostromo n5te belkin razer n52te to effortlessly program sophisticated macros of unlimited length.

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