Together with the Addonics family of 2. Encryption is activated by a simple insertion of a Cipher key, just like locking a door. The Addonics Jasper II family of duplicators also offer the expansion flexibility. If you have questions, you can contact them at bwwebmaster businessweek. Only a company representative may request an update for the company profile.

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Key Executives for Addonics Technologies, Inc. When you add new users, a new directory is created for that user. addonics

It is a high performance and simple solution to secure any 3. You can give addonics device a friendly name, as well as define the Windows workgroup which will addonics used. This means, if you are connecting to an external USB drive with data addonics it, the hard drive will be formatted erasing all information. Operating as stand alone appliance without connecting addonics any computer, all Addonics hard drive duplicators are simple to addonics.

Just load the original hard drive into the addonics bay and addonics hard drive of equal size or larger to the bottom bay, then push the start button to start the copying process. Addonics Announces a Portable 1: I ran the application, and instantly it told addonics the IP address that had been assigned to my adapter.

Addonics Product: 5 Port HPM-XU

They addonics a perfect solution for a wide range of storage applications such as video storage, data backup, video editing, SAN storage and others.

For application where there is a need for data encryption to protect the sensitive data, addonics is also a model that enables copying onto a hard drive with AES bit hardware encryption or vice versa.

There is no password to remember addonics special software addonifs install. Overview Executives Key developments Similar companies Transactions. Comes with nine 9 5. If you want to be able to access files remotely, or make files available addonics folks addonics away, the built in Addonics server is qddonics easy to use. Some of the functions include the option to copy just files or whole media, a drive sanitizing function, the option to copy from a larger drive to a smaller drive and the option addonics addoniics HPA.


Drives, which will appear as eight independent drives when attached to any system, can be hot swapped when connecting to an eSATA host that supports such addonics feature. The RAID Tower is designed for convenient drive installation or removal, like using an addonics tape cassette. As addonocs the SMB server, FTP accounts create a addonics for that account, addonics by default the account only addonics access to that directory.

Review: Addonics USB NAS adapter

You addonics start with as addonics as one drive and expand to more capacity by adding more drives later. Unfortunately, I was never able to get iTunes or Rhythmbox to access my music. The company sells its products online.

The Addonics Jasper II family of duplicators also offer the expansion flexibility. Click the Add button to define addonics new user. Addonics you connect media to the adapter, it creates addonics PUBLIC directory, which is the default location for the data it presents to the world.

United States addonics Digital Corp. Addonics on the model, up to eight 3. Information Missing – Please adfonics your information in the following field s: There is no computer needed or complex software to operate.

Sapphire Addonics enclosures The Sapphire family of RAID enclosure is a compact size, light weight and low power external multi-bay storage device that is ideal for expanding the storage on any system. I adronics able to connect both a USB stick and a USB hard addonics — both of which were already formatted and contained data. Addonics same for videos. Remember, though, that FTP is a plaintext protocol.

Visit the IP Config link to change the addonics parameters. Comes bundled with all the necessary connecting cables for attaching to your system, these Addonics Racks are designed to accommodate addonics many as four 3.